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Filling top Phoenix HR jobs with outstanding professionals

The quality of the people Lucas Group hires differentiates us from others. We listen. We understand. We deliver for you. We work together to find the HR jobs in Phoenix, across Nevada, and throughout the Western United States that help deliver upon your career goals and your long-term objectives.

Our executive search consultants are experts in the field of HR, and we work with candidates—just like you—to define and identify the jobs that will lead to lasting, impactful careers. Phoenix human resources jobs vary widely, from mid-market companies to global corporations. Our HR recruiters have the intellectual maturity to thrive in HR, and we employ sophisticated and effective methodologies in finding the ideal HR jobs for you and your future.

Our Phoenix HR recruiters believe that communication and honesty are prerequisites of business, and we treat every candidate and client with the utmost respect and discretion. Contact Lucas Group, and let’s get started.

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General Contact: 800.466.4489
Hiring Employers: 800.515.0819
Job Seekers: 602.954.1325