Tampa Military Jobs

Placing skilled Military leaders in great veteran jobs in Tampa

If you are transitioning from the military into civilian employment, work with the experts who understand your background, care about your needs and goals, and are committed to helping you build a rewarding career.

Lucas Group Tampa military transition recruiters specialize in assisting qualified, knowledgeable officers, non-commissioned officers, and highly skilled technicians from the military find and land outstanding Tampa civilian jobs and career opportunities throughout Florida.

As the expert military transition recruiters in Tampa, we recognize that today’s military leaders bring a full suite of insight, experience, and capabilities to the business sector. Our job is to help candidates like you translate those abilities into corporate language and successfully make the transition from the military into the civilian workforce with fantastic veteran jobs in Tampa and across the United States. Contact Lucas Group, and let’s get started.

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Hiring Employers: 800.515.0819
Job Seekers: 813.321.2010