Find Veteran Jobs that Align with Your Experience and Goals

It’s easier than you may think to make your military background work for you in the civilian job market. You possess the skills, experience and leadership qualities employers desperately need today. While plenty of opportunities exist, navigating the job market can be difficult to do on your own. Lucas Group eliminates all of the complexities and sets you up for success, and we’re highly qualified to do so. Since 1970, we have played a critical role in helping servicemen and women build lasting careers in the public and private sectors.

Transitioning and former military personnel land the best vet jobs in the nation through Lucas Group, and freely share their experiences. We partner with U.S. companies that have military hiring strategies in place, and they number in the thousands. Our clients know the U.S. Military is the best training ground in the world and look to us daily for top talent. We’re also North America’s premier executive recruiting firm. Our vets are in constant demand for roles in management, technical, electrical, mechanical, sales, operations, IT, engineering, logistics, production and other areas.

We’re looking for talented vets for hire

Lucas Group has placed tens of thousands of military officers, non-commissioned offers and skilled technicians in the workforce, and we look forward to assisting you, too. As we explore your opportunities, we will prioritize finding the best long-term choice for your life and career.

Many of our expert recruiters are also veterans, so your search and career prospects are in excellent hands. They know what it means that you committed your life to service, accountability and leadership. Through them, your prospective employers will also know that you are disciplined, ethical and highly resourceful as both a leader and team player – all traits that can be lacking in today’s non-military-trained job candidates.

We take the most thoughtful approach to your search and satisfaction

Lucas Group’s strong military recruiting division runs on a win-win philosophy. Our consultative approach focuses completely on aligning the needs and goals of both our vets and clients. We even assess company culture to find a great fit for your personality. Our recruiters thoroughly evaluate your experience and aspirations, hone your résumé, prepare you for interviews, and help you settle into your new job. And we’re here for the life of your career.

Reach out to Lucas Group so we can make strategic moves for your post-military career.