Finding Perfect Fit Employment for Veterans

Some of the greatest strengths you honed in the military are your ability to assess and adapt to any situation, and perform your mission with precision. Many of us at Lucas Group are also veterans, and we personally relate to your resourcefulness, discipline, leadership and ethics. Transitioning into the civilian workforce is a little different, isn’t it? This is about life and career beyond the military, a new arena that is at first challenging for many vets. There was no training for this. But we can say with confidence, and show you mountains of proof, that expert guidance and connections to top jobs for veterans will place your career and success on the fast track.

Every vet needs and deserves a knowledgeable resource when re-integrating into civilian life and work. This is why Lucas Group was founded more than 40 years ago, and why we still lead in military transition and recruiting. In fact, when you entrust your goals and job search to Lucas Group, you remain in the company of your comrades for the life of your career.

The best careers for veterans are built by design

Lucas Group’s experience in recruiting vets was earned with purpose, and has resulted in the successful transition and placement of more than 25,000 servicemen and women. This number grows larger each year because our approach to recruiting is collaborative. Our methods are designed to evaluate your skills and experience, solidify your aspirations, and present opportunities in which you can make an impact. We also sharpen your résumé, prepare you for interviews, help you settle into your job – and remain a trusted advisor for life.

Our win-win approach works for our clients just as well. We know their requirements intimately, and connect them with candidates ideally suited to their needs. As a result, Lucas Group is a trusted resource for thousands of military-friendly companies, including small, mid-tier and Fortune 500 organizations. They look to us daily for junior, senior and non-commissioned officers, and highly skilled technicians to assume positions in leadership, management, technical, electrical, mechanical, sales, operations, IT, engineering, logistics and production.

Grow your career in the company of your peers

Lucas Group’s expert recruiters and our talent network represent members from all branches of the U.S. Military, as well as the United States Air Force Academy, West Point, United States Naval Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the United States Coast Guard Academy.

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