What to Consider When Hiring Veterans

There is unprecedented pressure on today’s executives to reduce spending and increase results and revenue. Streamlining operations and boosting productivity are the keys, and they are most often found through a holistic approach that begins with putting the right leaders in place. Business veterans and military veterans are joining forces in the private and public sectors, finding new inroads to profitability and long-term success.

A consultative partner for businesses that want to hire a veteran

Lucas Group is North America’s leading military recruitment firm. We help corporations exceed performance and revenue goals by recruiting military veterans and transitioning officers with the leadership skills, talent and experience that bring exceptional value to the civilian workforce. The U.S. Military produces the most highly trained professionals in the world, and these demonstrated men and women are in demand for their invaluable business skill sets and work ethic.

Hire military veterans to accelerate organizational performance

Military professionals come on board with real world experience. This includes the ability and drive to grasp the needs and goals of their superiors and organizations, translate their skill sets to fit unique requirements, and perform with efficiency and precision.

Veterans excel under pressure, an invaluable trait in business today. Through management strategies and the ability to establish priorities, veterans are adept at nurturing leadership skills throughout a department or division. While they are focused leaders, they are simultaneously team players who own their responsibility in helping to achieve optimal group performance – and they operate with utmost integrity and respect for colleagues and organizations.

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