Mentoring Go-Getters On How to Be a Headhunter

At some point in your career, you may have considered or even experienced the services of a headhunter – the professional who offers guidance and access to the most coveted jobs. Now you’re exploring the profession itself. Maybe you have a passion for recruiting. Or maybe you’re one of the enlightened ones who decided to switch roles, to become that gifted career guide and matchmaker between top-tier job candidates and hiring companies. No matter your driving force, exploring Lucas Group is smart, because this is where you can be your very best.

Lucas Group is the go-to firm for entrepreneurial people nationwide wanting to enter our industry. We’re unique and highly regarded, in part because we’re committed to onboarding, mentoring and guiding our new recruiters. Your development and success is important to us because everything we do as a company – and as individual recruiters – impacts real lives, careers, families and businesses. We take that seriously. If you share our convictions and passion, and if you’re ready for the challenges and rewards of teaming up with North America’s leading executive recruiting firm, we want to help you do it as a successful Lucas Group Associate.

Build your headhunter career with the premier industry expert

Lucas Group has spent more than 40 years mentoring and developing the most talented recruiters in the business. We know what makes a great recruiter. A solid support system is crucial, and we’re structured to be there for you, helping strengthen your skills and promote your achivements. Our team-driven culture and methodologies drive outstanding careers and business results. Our proprietary processes, sales support and marketing programs ensure you’re effective in your work with clients, in recruiting talent and in making consistently successful placements. Lucas Group is also very committed to constructive feedback and one-on-one coaching. We help you meet progressive and clearly defined markers along your career path.

Opportunities abound with our business-critical service offerings

Lucas Group does more than show you how to get a job as a headhunter. We prepare you for a distinguished career and provide you the tools, skills and support your need to prosper, both through your individual efforts and teamwork. You have unequaled opportunities to achieve results within one of our seven Practice Groups – Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, and Military Transition.

At Lucas Group, we help you become a headhunter who consistently wins and is rewarded for high-performance. Apply with Lucas Group today so we can champion your new career in executive recruiting.