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HRIS professionals can make or break a company’s culture and success. If you have experience in leading and growing HR teams, Lucas Group wants to help you find your next professional home. Contact us today.

Advancing Careers with the Nation’s Leading HRIS Jobs

If your field of interest or expertise is in Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS), there’s a solid future for you among today’s leading organizations. Smart companies employ these evolving systems and are seeking talented professionals to administer and grow their IT portfolios. Use of the technology is booming because it’s a direct path to efficiency, compliance, streamlined Human Resources management and profitability in a competitive business climate.

Working with Lucas Group is a wise step toward your next career move. We’re highly qualified to lead you to HRIS positions that align with your skills as well as your personal and professional goals. When you join our network, you gain more than access to the most sought-after jobs. You also get our guidance, dedication and commitment for the life of your career.

Find the perfect HRIS job through an industry leader

Lucas Group is North America’s premier executive recruiting firm. We specialize in the Human Resources industry and are a key player in the HRIS employment sector. Our expert recruiters work closely with our Candidates, placing them in roles that range from HRIS managers to directors, analysts, specialists, consultants, administrators, programmers and designers.

As an HRIS software or solutions expert, you have a lot to offer. We would like to champion your career in helping a great employer electronically manage their Human Resources organization, from payroll to employee records, benefits, attendance, paid time off, positions, pay scales, staffing, performance and even their recruiting processes.

We’ll help you choose the most rewarding opportunity

For more than 50 years, Lucas Group’s HR recruiters have assisted mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the United States in finding top talent. We have a constant pulse on jobs and our talent pool is one of the nation’s largest. Our success is built on partnership, long-term relationships with our Candidates and Clients, and a consultative approach to recruiting.

Through our collaborative recruiting methods, we will thoroughly assess your experience, strengths and goals. With this understanding, we are able to tap into our broad network for jobs and companies whose requirements match what you bring to the table. In our search process, we also prioritize your personality and working style to ensure the opportunities we present are a great cultural fit where you can reach your greatest potential.

Contact Lucas Group for solid career guidance and access to the best jobs.

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