Talent Acquisition Jobs & Careers

Are you an expert talent acquisition specialist? You’re in high demand, and Lucas Group is the premier executive search firm to help you land an ideal HR position.

Finding Great Opportunities for Today’s Talent Acquisition Manager

Strong Human Resources teams place their best people in the most important and challenging positions. One critical team player is the talent acquisition manager. This gifted professional is an excellent communicator, a prolific networker who knows how to make and use connections, and is adept at essential HR best practices and procedures, including employee retention.

If you’re looking for a new company to call home where you can reach your highest potential and truly make a difference, Lucas Group wants to make a connection with you. We’re North America’s premier executive recruiting firm with more than 50 years of expertise in serving the Human Resources industry. Our highly accomplished HR recruiters assist mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies every day in hiring professionals with your strengths and ingenuity.

While there is an abundance of opportunity, our top priority is to connect you with jobs and companies that most closely align with your unique experience, goals and working style.

What is talent acquisition in the broader HR scheme of things?

As manager of talent acquisition, you have a meaningful role in the HR organization. The job challenges you to excel in your ability to attract, vet, hire, on-board and retain the best talent for your company. Your team relies on you to help fill positions using the most effective recruiting resources and tools available. Today, these include social networking, specialized software and diverse recruiting environments, including job fairs. The job calls for marketing chops to create appealing ads and communications to recruit new staff. You also have a voice in HR policies.

Lucas Group will find a place that’s comfortable and right for you to grow your career. Best of all, we’ll eliminate job search challenges for you through our exclusive insights and connections.

We’re a trusted advisor and resource for the life of your career

At Lucas Group, success is borne out of great relationships. We want you to experience what that means, beginning with our collaborative and thorough approach to recruiting. We work closely with you throughout the skills assessment, interviewing and hiring phase of your job search. We ensure your résumé is top notch, that you’re prepared for interviews and that you make an easy transition into your new job. We also want to remain involved in your career.

Contact Lucas Group for expert guidance and access to jobs with leading companies.

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