Find a Job in Application Services

With offices across the U.S., Lucas Group is able to help talented application services professionals find exceptional jobs in some of the country’s leading companies.

Let us help you find the most rewarding IT application services job

The business world is immersed in digital transformation and this evolution is blowing the doors off of IT and business as usual. Companies are moving to the cloud, building hybrid architectures, breathing new life into legacy technologies, and entering a whole new dimension in application services. This is where you shine and why professionals like you are in such high demand. What you need is access to top jobs as they become available.

Lucas Group is North America’s premier IT executive recruiting firm, known for connecting talented candidates with leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies. We have arrived where we are by taking a one-on-one approach to building exciting careers in information technology – and through the deep connections our recruitment specialists have with the most sought-after employers in every major industry. We have developed methods and processes that work to advance your IT application services career.

Providing expert insights and guidance for wise career moves

Your career is in the most competent hands with Lucas Group. Our IT recruiting experts have intimate knowledge of how the field of application services is changing, what areas are hot, the talent most in demand – and as more companies adopt collaborative DevOps cultures, we even know how to groom and position you for roles you may not have considered but are ideal fits. You can also explore a variety of engagements, including permanent, interim and contract jobs.

We place candidates in a full range of roles that enable applications across computers, clouds, the web and mobile devices. Our clients are hiring consultants, analysts, engineers, architects, developers, designers, UI and UX specialists, directors, administrators, managers, testers and security specialists. If you have skills in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics or the Internet of Things (IoT), we have jobs for you, too.

Your goals are our number one priority

Your chosen profession is all about accelerating development and delivery. So is ours, except our focus is on developing and accelerating your career, not just connecting you with a job. We’re after a long and mutually rewarding relationship for the life of your career, because that is how we both succeed. Contact us today. Let us thoroughly assess your skills, experience and leadership qualities. Tell us about your goals and aspirations. Then let’s explore opportunities for your next strategic move.

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