Data Science Jobs & Careers

Do you know data science? Is It your passion? If so, let the Lucas Group team help you achieve professional success.

Look to Lucas Group for the Top Data Science Jobs

Your career path in data science is layered with opportunities in just about any industry you choose. Companies know it takes talent with a golden touch to collect data, work it, analyze it and turn it into actionable information. Your skills are so valuable that employers are re-engineering their hiring and retention strategies to attract specialists like you, build your expertise and keep you happy. Since you’re a scientist, you can appreciate that there is also a science to marketing yourself to these leading employers.

That is our strong suit. Let us help champion yours. We know you aren’t looking for just any data scientist job. You have specific skills, needs and goals. Your requirements likely include a flexible work-life balance and a company culture that complements your working style. We get that. Our recruiting methods are in sync with what you want. Lucas Group’s collaborative approach to recruiting is centered on your aspirations. A win for you is a win for your employer.

We’ll find the data science job that has your name written all over it

As the premier executive recruiting firm for the North American IT industry, Lucas Group’s success is built on helping professionals like you make smart, rewarding career moves. And we have the reach and resources to make it happen. Our Clients represent a nationwide network of leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries. Our expert IT recruiters are located in 15 offices across the United States. We are a savvy, cohesive, hyper-connected team that builds careers – including yours.

Data science encompasses a range of functions and job titles, and Lucas Group places IT professionals in all of them. Our clients are investing in the talent, tools and labs their teams need to perform extraordinary, actionable work. This critical function takes a village of people with varying technical skills. Using our consultative methods, we will thoroughly assess your experience, skills and goals, and match you with ideal jobs and companies where you have opportunities to excel and prosper.

Find real-world job prospects with today’s leading companies

Our clients look to us every day for experts who can wield intelligence and direction from databases, applications and third-party data sources. You are the key to the right company’s future.

Contact Lucas Group today for the best career guidance and the nation’s top jobs.

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