Find a Job in Enterprise Resource Planning

With offices across the U.S., Lucas Group is able to help talented enterprise resource planning professionals find exceptional jobs in some of the country’s leading companies and firms.

Take the most informed path to advancing your ERP career

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is your chosen field. You know advancements are fueling architectural and digital transformations, vastly improving the ways companies conduct daily business. You also know career-changing ERP jobs are there for the taking with the nation’s top employers – if only you had insider intelligence as those jobs become available. Lucas Group is your inside connection and the best career advocate you will find in ERP recruiting.

As the premier IT recruiter for North America’s leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, Lucas Group IT recruitment experts answer daily demand for candidates with expertise across all areas and functionalities in the fast-changing world of ERP. Demand has made ERP a candidate’s market, and while this works to your advantage, our goal is to strategically advance ERP careers by connecting you with jobs that match your experience, skills, desired company culture – and your ultimate aspirations.

What is your focus area? Where would you like to grow?

Our clients are hiring ERP specialists for strategic planning, accounting, finance, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, customer relationship management, human resources and more. As you know, the IT configurations and ERP systems employed by today’s companies are diverse and evolving, from on-premises infrastructures and systems to cloud services and hybrid architectures. ERP jobs abound for experienced professionals who possess or want to gain cross-functional skills. Our recruitment specialists are experts in identifying these synergies and creating career-building connections.

Through Lucas Group, you have the freedom and flexibility to explore permanent, interim and contract employment engagements. The most in-demand candidates we place include but are not limited to ERP consultants, directors, administrators, project managers, systems and business analysts, architects, engineers, developers, implementation and systems managers, and training and support specialists.

Experience an unrivaled approach to ERP recruitment

Lucas Group’s recruiting philosophy, methods and processes are built to help you make progressive career moves – for the life of your career. We collaborate with you to understand your goals. We share business intelligence on where your field and specialty are headed, and perform thoughtful due diligence in assessing your experience, skills and leadership qualities. Our specialists ensure your résumé is effective, prepare you for interviews and help you make the most informed decisions. Contact us and take a proven approach to accelerating your career in ERP.

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