Healthcare IT Jobs & Careers

With offices across the U.S., Lucas Group is able to help talented Healthcare Professionals find exceptional jobs in some of the country’s leading companies and firms.

Relationships Are Everything In Landing Top Healthcare IT Jobs

If you are an IT professional looking for select job opportunities, contract work or consulting gigs in the healthcare industry, your search just got easier. We exist to simplify your journey in this specialized field that grows deeper, wider and more competitive each day. Sit back and entrust your search to an expert with deep industry connections, a collaborative approach and a solid history of rewarding placements.

By striking a relationship with Lucas Group, the leader among North America’s healthcare IT recruiting firms, you gain two distinct advantages. You have an advocate who honors your strengths and aspirations, and fast access to sought-after jobs as they become available. We are the trusted, connected recruiter who places candidates like you with leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies.

Abundant opportunities in your area of interest and expertise

Our healthcare IT executive recruiters are looking for experienced candidates across every functionality, from systems and programming analysts to consultants, architects, developers, engineers, electronic health records and data technicians, chief security officers, chief information officers and many other disciplines. Healthcare IT marketing professionals are also in demand to help our clients leverage ROI from their marketing expenditures and marshal new technologies, such as AI, VR, blockchain, mobile apps, chatbots, video marketing and more.

Lucas Group specialists give you direct reach into the hiring pipelines of progressive companies. These include regional and national healthcare networks, hospital systems, research and life sciences facilities, medical offices and insurance companies – as well as companies whose products, solutions and services are in use by healthcare organizations. We fill roles from the manager level to the C Suite, offering several types of engagements, including full-time, part-time, interim, contract and consulting roles.

We are a partner for the life of your career

If you follow healthcare IT news, you know the industry is at the forefront of digital transformation. There is no end in sight to the opportunities that await you. Take a wise approach. Let Lucas Group recruitment experts do more than help you find your next job. Yes, we aim to get you into a company and culture where you can thrive, but we also want to support your career over the long term. Contact us today and let’s start plotting your next strategic move.

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