IT Project Management Jobs, Careers & Employment

Companies need skilled project managers to drive IT initiatives. If you’re in search of a new IT career, Lucas Group is the go-to choice for top candidates.

Moving Young Professionals Into Leading Project Management Jobs

Today’s IT project managers have redefined the traditional role of a project manager. This is due to major influences in the corporate environment and the IT industry as a whole. Young professionals are replacing retiring employees, bringing new work-life expectations and career ambitions. Technologies are also impacting corporate operations, development and customer service. These include mobile, social networks, bring-your-own-device programs and other platforms that transform how employees share information, perform teamwork, collect and evaluate data and implement projects.

If you’re on a project management career path, Lucas Group welcomes a conversation to learn about your goals, and tell you about opportunities to improve your personal and professional satisfaction. We are North America’s premier executive search firm and our clients are looking for professionals with your skills, experience and ambition.

Exceptional positions are available for today’s top talent

Lucas Group has served as a trusted advisor and career champion for more than 50 years. We maintain 15 regional offices across the United States to stay in close touch with our job Candidates and Clients. Our broad geographic reach allows us to provide you with real-world guidance for your field and desired industries, and access to the best jobs as they become available.

When you choose career advancement through Lucas Group, you have the recruiting industry’s top resources and connections working for you. Our expert IT recruiters will begin by thoroughly assessing your project management experience, leadership qualities and long-term career goals. We will then align you with companies and positions that match your skills, goals and working style. Since we help you navigate your job search every step of the way, we will also ensure your résumé is effective, prepare you for interviews and help you make a smooth transition into your new job.

Enjoy the most competitive recruiting advantages

Lucas Group operates at the highest levels of the business world. We know about leading project management jobs with the best companies. With your qualifications, we can help you choose one that delivers the greatest rewards. Our recruiters work as a team to drive placements that create exceptional careers. We hope to support yours.

Contact Lucas Group today so we can begin planning your next strategic career move.

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