Software Engineering Jobs & Careers

Software engineers are in high-demand. If you’re a skilled IT professional, Lucas Group is here to help you catapult your career to the next level.

Providing Access to the Nation’s Leading Software Engineer Jobs

Without question, software engineering plays the leading role in driving advancement in the world of IT. What an exciting field for professionals with your creative skills, training and ingenuity. Where will it take you? Or better yet, where do you want to go? The world is truly your oyster and while that’s a good thing, it can also be challenging. You have a lot of choices. Making the right one is important to you both today and for your long-term aspirations. We can help you assess your goals and explore the best options out there.

Lucas Group is the premier executive recruiting firm for the North American IT industry. This means companies across every industry tap our talent network for top-tier engineering Candidates. We have built our success on helping professionals like you make solid and confident career moves. Matching you with ideally suited companies and software engineering jobs will ensure that you and your chosen employer can both prosper and grow. Our collaborative approach is win-win for our Candidates and Clients.

Prepare to accelerate your software engineering career

Every day we connect talented professionals with rewarding opportunities across the engineering spectrum, from design to development, testing and evaluation. Wherever you wish to go in the fast-moving world of software, in any industry, Lucas Group’s IT recruiters can help you target your highly marketable skills to the right employers. Many engineers we place specialize in certain areas or industries, having focused and honed their skill set over time. Others have cross-functional skill sets and are great candidates for leadership. All excel at designing and creating tools that are used to build solutions.

We bring simplicity to the complex IT job search

Timing, preparedness and opportunity are everything in the job search process. Lucas Group has the insights and refined recruiting methods to arm you with all three. We take a consultative approach to recruiting, which is centered on your unique experience and job requirements. First we thoroughly assess your skills and professional goals, and then we put our connections to work for you. Our relationships with leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies throughout the country provide opportunities as the most sought-after jobs emerge. Through great choices, you’ll make a fully informed decision.

Contact Lucas Group so we can connect you with the ideal job for your career path.

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