Aerospace Jobs & Careers

One of the most innovative industries is the aerospace market. Companies are looking for talented individuals like you to lead these initiatives. Lucas Group is your go-to for landing high-caliber aerospace positions.

Lucas Group Recruiters Launch Exceptional Aerospace Careers for Industry’s Top Talent

Aerospace manufacturing in both the military and commercial markets changes and evolves as new capabilities and designs for aircraft and related products are conceived. Demand is growing for highly skilled, experienced aerospace leaders and engineers. In this dynamic and competitive industry, companies want to hire the top professionals who can lead their organizations to success. As a specialist, you also aspire to the best aerospace careers available to propel your professional success forward.

Advance your aerospace engineering careers with Lucas Group

Lucas Group recruiters assist professionals with your level of experience in finding ideal aerospace engineering careers. We help fill roles from senior engineers to directors of manufacturing and COOs. We focus heavily on connecting you with prospective employers who want the same things you do – an environment that allows you to lead, thrive and put your experience to work for the advancement of both your career and your company.

Our team of specialized recruiters knows and understands the industry and uses our national reach combined with localized search methods to find the top positions available in the market. Our track record of long-term, successful placements is unparalleled in the industry, and just like our candidates, we work collaboratively to make consistent, strategic matches.

Let Lucas Group maximize your aerospace career success

Since 1970, we have matched top talent with exceptional aerospace industry careers. We partner with our candidates and provide consultative advice and guidance to assist you through the job search process. For talented engineers, we match unique skill sets and expertise with rewarding careers in mechanical, electrical, CAD/CAM engineering and beyond. For all candidates, once we find the best opportunities that align with your goals, skills and personality, we remain involved through the interview period, start date and beyond. We want to become and remain a resource for you throughout your entire aerospace career.

Our team has the industry insight and experience to help you navigate the job search process. As one of the top search firms in the US, Lucas Group can help you maximize your professional success.

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