Jobs for Military Officers

Helping military officers translate exceptional skills into success in the civilian workforce

Military officers possess extraordinary leadership qualities and a matchless work ethic. These powerful traits are in growing demand by corporations. If you are transitioning from military service to the civilian workforce, or if you are already in business and seeking a more rewarding post-military career, Lucas Group can help you make your move with confidence, choice and unmatched expertise.

Lucas Group has been helping military officers thrive in the business world for over 40 years. We were founded by a retired officer and have grown to be today’s preferred military recruiting firm for SMB, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies. We can make a profound difference in helping you effectively market yourself during your job search.

You served in the military with honor, exceptional skills and a commitment to results. That is exactly how Lucas Group’s military transition recruiters serve you during your career planning and job search. Many of our military recruiters are veterans themselves. They recognize your leadership abilities and understand the challenge of communicating your skills and experience to the business world. Most of all, they know how to place demonstrated leaders like you with companies where you can create genuine business impact.

Lucas Group’s military officer recruitment process offers comprehensive job search insights. Our recruiters help assess your needs and goals, and guide you in creating an effective military résumé that appeals to hiring managers. We leverage our broad corporate network to identify great opportunities to help you build the career you seek.

Contact Lucas Group today and work with the trusted leader in placing demonstrated, highly skilled professionals from the United States Military into rewarding careers.