Junior Military Officers

Our military transition team assists high-caliber military veterans make a seamless transition to the civilian sector. We work with leading employers to translate veterans’ impeccable skills and fill critical roles with military candidates.

Junior Military Officer candidates are some of the best leaders that the military produces. With college degrees (both technical and non-technical), you have skills that can help organizations drive success and lead initiatives. You are mature, energetic young leaders, and we diligently work to help you find ideal civilian careers.

With extensive supervisory and leadership training and experience, JMOs are proven to be exceptional employees in a wide variety of fields, including engineering, maintenance, production, distribution, sales and general management.

If you’re a JMO seeking a civilian career, contact Lucas Group today and let us help navigate you through the job search process.


Junior Military Officers are often outstanding candidates for many positions, including:

Manufacturing / Quality / Process Engineer

Project Engineer / Project Manager

Sales Representative

Distribution / Transportation Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor

Operations / Manufacturing Supervisor

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Helping Military Veterans Transition to Civilian Careers

Lucas Group recruiters help you translate your military training, experiences and leadership into a rewarding, successful civilian career. Why wait? Your future starts today.

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