Non-Commissioned Officers and Technicians

As Non-Commissioned Officers and Technicians, you are some of the best and brightest leaders that the U.S. military has to offer. Upon leaving the military, it can be difficult to translate those skills to a civilian position. Our Lucas Group military recruiters are here to help you have a smooth transition to the civilian sector.

We understand that Non-Commissioned Officers and Technicians are high-potential, hands-on and skilled leaders. You possess many of the same qualities that have come to be expected from your Junior Military Officer counterparts, such as strong work ethics, excellent people skills, integrity, and team-building abilities. However, you also have expert hands-on technical training in areas such as electronics, machining, control systems, communications and computer technology.

With diverse skill sets, Non-Commissioned Officers and Technicians are strong candidates for manufacturing organizations, field engineering forces, technical service groups, research facilities and training departments.

Don’t try to navigate finding a civilian career on your own. Lucas Group is familiar with Non-Commissioned Officers’ and Technicians’ skills and can pair you with an ideal position with some of the nation’s top employers.


Your background as Non-Commissioned Officers & Military Technicians translates to many civilian positions, including:

Manufacturing / Quality / Process Engineer

Project Engineer / Project Manager

Sales Representative

Distribution / Transportation Supervisor

Maintenance Supervisor

Operations / Manufacturing Supervisor

Electrical Technician

Electronics Technician

Facilities Maintenance

Field Service Technician

Maintenance Mechanics

Planner / Scheduler

Test Technician

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Helping Military Veterans Transition to Civilian Careers

Lucas Group recruiters help you translate your military training, experiences and leadership into a rewarding, successful civilian career. Why wait? Your future starts today.

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