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We understand that questions always arise during your job search and transition to the civilian workforce. Our recruiters work with you every step of the way.

Transition with confidence from the military to an outstanding civilian career

Lucas Group connects you with a knowledgeable recruiter who helps you prepare for success in the civilian job market. We provide military job seekers and other highly-skilled professionals trusted guidance and a military transition plan, designed to translate your military skills, training, and experiences into valuable qualities in the corporate world and in post military jobs.

How can we help?

Our military recruiters have been in your shoes. Since 1970, we deliver trusted advice for your career next steps and are here to be your consultative partner in your job search.

How can we help?

Our military recruiters have been in your shoes. Since 1970, we deliver trusted advice for your career next steps and are here to be your consultative partner in your job search.

Career Assessment

We help you identify the career paths, industries, companies and veteran jobs that will maximize your military experience and provide you the best opportunity for a rewarding career.

Resume Building

You need a resume that puts your military experience to work for you. We help you build a resume that strongly reflects your training and leadership abilities and that will impress hiring companies.

Job Search Basics

We provide job search and interview tips, as well as best practices that will enable you to stand apart during the hiring process.

Interview Preparation

We provide guidance and helpful information prior to your interviews. We help you speak about your military experiences and knowledge in a manner that meaningfully translates into valued business skills.

Salary Resources

Salaries, benefits, and other compensation can be confusing. We provide you tools to help you negotiate your total compensation package, maximizing your potential and reward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lucas Group charge job seekers a fee for their services?

Lucas Group does not charge military job seekers any fee for services, nor do we require you to purchase specific books or training materials.

How are you paid?

Our corporate clients pay us a fee for finding top talent that they ultimately hire. This fee is not taken out of your compensation/salary. We’ve found that most job seekers who transition from military service ultimately get higher starting salaries when they work with us because we are negotiating behind the scenes on their behalf throughout the process. Here’s the bottom line…we don’t get paid unless you get hired! We are as motivated as you are to help our candidates find great jobs for military veterans.

Can you help me in my career search?

That will depend upon several factors, including your education and experience, as well as your location, job, and compensation preferences. The more you bring to the table in terms of experience and education, and the more flexible you are with respect to where you live, the more likely we can help find a job that leads to a lasting, successful career. We specifically work with Senior Military Officers (SMOs), Junior Military Officers (JMOs), Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Technicians, and Veterans with Corporate Experience.

How do I get started?

Register as a job seeker on the Lucas Group website, and attach a draft of your resume, if you have one available. A Lucas Group military recruiter will review your background and parameters. If we believe we might be a valuable resource for you in your veteran jobs search, we will contact you to complete a marketability assessment. Register here.

How do you match me with military hiring companies?

We select candidates whose backgrounds, skills and education match the qualifications and experience our corporate clients are seeking for specific positions they are currently seeking to fill. We then review each potential candidate’s career parameters (position, location, opportunity) to determine which candidates and companies best match. This ensures that you will interview for opportunities that you are both qualified for and interested in pursuing.

How do interviews get scheduled?

We will present you with career opportunities via our Military Hiring Conferences (both in-person and virtually) in addition to individual interviews scheduled outside of the Hiring Conference process.

How will you help me during the interview process?

To maximize your chances of success in the interview, we will prepare you for each interview with real-time intelligence on the company and interviewers. We also coordinate all interview logistics.

Will you help me in the salary negotiation process?

We believe that salary negotiation is most effective when it is done before an offer is officially extended. We will ensure that corporations you are interviewing with know what your salary requirements are in advance, in addition to the salary ranges of other opportunities you may be considering. This process ensures that the offer is both fair and competitive.

Featured Whitepapers

The knowledge we have garnered over the years is unmatched, and our military recruiters consistently deliver consultative and informative service that identify jobs for military veterans that lead to lasting success. Below are several documents and links which provide added insight when launching your civilian career.

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