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It is rare to find more highly skilled engineering candidates than those who hail from the four branches of the U.S. Military and the nation’s elite military academies. In corporate America, these game-changing veterans excel in engineering leadership, problem-solving, teamwork and the ability to thrive in high-pressure situations. They are masters of the art and science of conceiving, designing, building, analyzing and testing. And no one in the world is more disciplined in their adherence to standards, operating procedures, regulations and safety.

Through Lucas Group, you have access to the military’s cream of the crop for your veterans engineering jobs. We are North America’s premier executive search firm and the leader in Military Transition recruitment. We specialize in placing accomplished engineers with mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies in every major industry.

Your top resource for recruitment and engineering expertise

Most of Lucas Group’s consultative Military Transition recruiters are also veterans or reservists – and consummate examples of how veteran skills translate to corporate success. We are a team of collaborative, astute, engaged industry participants who identify candidates with the right skills for jobs across the engineering spectrum – from aerospace to automotive, mechanical, chemical, petroleum, construction, agricultural, civil, electrical, technical, information technology and many other sectors. We also ensure the candidates we present are ideal cultural fits for a client’s organization.

Lucas Group leads the industry due to the caliber and richness of our veteran talent pool. Every year, we travel to military installations worldwide to recruit the most talented junior and senior military officers, non-commissioned officers, Navy nuclear officers and expert military technicians who are transitioning to the civilian workforce. We also place veterans with corporate experience.

Our veteran engineers have all the right stuff

In addition to possessing exemplary engineering skills and experience, our carefully vetted, hand-selected veteran candidates exude integrity, honesty and natural leadership acumen. Their communications and mentoring skills are highly developed because this is what they are trained to do and be as integral team players. You simply cannot set the bar too high for these quick-study professionals. If you try, they won’t stop until they transcend it. Such is the distinctive nature of top-tier veterans on corporate engineering teams. Contact us for access to elite talent for your engineer jobs.

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