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The Caliber of Talent You Need for Your Sales Jobs

To fill a position in sales, imagine hiring a highly skilled military veteran. Then envision this junior military officer rising up in less than a year to become your company’s number one choice to head up global expansion. This is actually a true story through Lucas Group and there are countless more just like it. Talented military veterans are changing the dynamic of the American salesforce.

Since 1970, Lucas Group Military Transition recruiters have been the recognized leaders in placing select veterans in sales roles with mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies in every major industry. We travel to military installations worldwide to recruit top-tier military officers, non-commissioned officers and Navy nuclear officers, screening thousands annually to find only the best to meet your hiring needs.

Growing revenue is mission-critical. Your success is in their DNA.

Our veterans excel in sales because leadership is what they’re trained to do. They hail from all branches of the military and the nation’s elite service academies, including the United States Military Academy at West Point, and the United States Naval, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine academies. These professionals have a work ethic, service mentality and critical thinking skills rivaling those of tenured civilian professionals.

Lucas Group recruitment specialists employ a consultative method to source candidates who meet your requirements and are great cultural fits for your organization. We have talent for any role, from sales executives to division heads, team leaders and sales teams. While companies entrust our candidates with their most valued customers, our veterans readily welcome roles without established customer portfolios. They thrive on challenge, relationship-building – and building bases. Challenge drives military leaders. It’s why they have a profound impact on corporate sales.

Build consensus across your sales team

Our military transition candidates operate with a collective team mindset and the big picture front and center – because they are disciplined in the power of shared goals among individual contributors. This is precisely how we operate at Lucas Group. Just like our recruiting experts, our veteran candidates have the demonstrated ability to lead, foster relationships, motivate others and drive results in a team environment. These gifted communicators are revered by their counterparts, superiors and customers alike. Contact us for consummate veteran talent to fortify your sales team and achieve your revenue goals.

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