5 Business Leaders Share What They’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

26 November 2019

Being grateful is a true key to success for business leaders. The intentional act of taking time to consider all the co-workers and experiences that impact your life is both healing and humbling.

With Thanksgiving approaching, we typically pause to consider what we’re thankful for — even when things get tricky in the crazy world of business. When you feel a sense of genuine appreciation, not just from leaders and co-workers, but deep personal gratitude for the opportunities, people, and processes that improve your work experience, that energy trickles outward and makes a positive impact on the workplace.

“It’s extremely difficult to choose what I’m most thankful for in the workplace. There’ve been so many people, opportunities, and moments for which I am grateful. If forced to choose, I’m most grateful for the endless opportunity to learn,” our very-own CEO, Steve Adams, expressed to our team.

To inspire you to see all the reasons to be grateful in the workplace, we asked business leaders to share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving — and all year long. Here is what they had to say:

1. Communication technology

Stacy CaprioI’m very thankful for technology that exists today, which makes working with people around the world so much easier. Additionally, technology allows working within a business so much more effective, and I cannot imagine life without it.

Stacy Caprio, Founder of Accelerated Growth Marketing

2. Virtual assistants and support teams

Daniel Ramsey (1)I’m most thankful for all the dedicated virtual assistants and support teams who give their 100% best in serving our clients and communities.

Spending time in the Philippines gave me perspective on the challenges facing people across the globe, and inspired me with a mission to help others and give back through charity to make all our lives better. We launched the MOD Movement, a charity founded as a result of the kindness and generosity of many of the wonderful individuals who work for MyOutDesk.

Daniel Ramsey, Founder and CEO of MyOutDesk

3. Collaborating for positive change

Gail TraucoAs a leader, I am grateful for the opportunity to share positive change in the lives of both employees and clients. It is an inspiration to hear someone say, “I’ve watched what you have accomplished over the last five years and I’m following in your example.” Or when a client calls the office and tells me a story of how they saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars on medical bills, it makes my day.

Giving gratitude is reflected in many of the employee benefits offered through my business. Medical and dental insurance is paid 100% by the business with no required employee contribution.

Giving back also includes charitable support of animal rescue and food banks. Hotel fees are paid for patients in financial need who seek second medical opinions for a rare diagnosis. Annually, a donation is made to the cheerleading club of Gordon State College to assist with uniforms and supplies.

A new program will be launched in 2020 to provide a new patient advocacy group focused on women with BII (Breast Implant Illness). This advocacy program will develop grant proposals to seek funding to assist women who demonstrate financial need to undergo ex-plant.

Gail Trauco, RN, BSN-OCN, Medical Bill 911 

4. Innovative team members

Matt EdstomThe first thing I’m thankful for is having a team that knows how to come together to find solutions to problems that seem impossibly daunting to tackle.

Every boss wants to, and most will say they have faith in their team to solve problems. However, I view that as paying lip service if their actions don’t actually demonstrate a strong sense of faith in their team. I legitimately don’t worry as much when an issue arises due to having such confidence in my team to find the best solution possible.

Secondly, I’m thankful for the challenges my job presents. I may not possess that train of thought in the moment, but in hindsight, those challenges are the reason I’m at the current stage of my career. Those moments are essential to personal and professional growth, as they almost force you to exercise your critical thinking skills. They’ve enabled not only myself to grow, but my aforementioned peers as well. By trusting them to help solve these problems, I’m able to watch multiple people grow simultaneously, and it’s pretty special to witness.

Matt Edstrom, CMO of GoodLife Home Loans

5. Thankful peers and employees

Bryan Zawikowski (1)I am thankful for people who are thankful!

Working in a high-performing group that genuinely cares about one another is such an invigorating experience that, as a leader, you should never take it for granted. Do everything you can to feed that feeling and keep it alive.

Bryan Zawikowski, Vice President and General Manager, Military Division of Lucas Group

Article Published By: Sandy Yu, “5 Business Leaders Share What They’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving,” Employee Channel