8 Ways You Can Shine on Your Job Search in the New Year

23 December 2019

The new year is almost here! With a new decade upon us, it’s that time of reflection on how to improve and continue growing in the days ahead!

When it comes to the job search, it’s not all new tricks to get noticed and really shine in 2020. We asked 8 experts what tricks or trends will help job seekers get noticed in 2020. Here’s what they advise:

Be visible and valuable

In a world of too much information, be visible. Attend industry events and development programs, volunteer at industry meetings and networking events, whatever gets you in front of influential people in your field. Don’t rely on getting noticed with an innovate resume format, font or trendy style. Get noticed by making genuine connections with people to help you stand out above the rest.

In those encounters, always be able to speak to the value you currently or recently brought your team, department, or organization. Many times we neglect to document and quantify the monetary value we are bringing to our employers, and clearly articulating that is key in effective interviewing.

David Armendariz, General Manager, Technology Division at Lucas Group

Focus on your accomplishments

Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview style should be accomplishment-based in 2020. Prepare a 3-column worksheet for yourself with the following headings:

1. Business Problem or Opportunity

2. Action

3. Results

Write bullet-points for your resume and LinkedIn profile based on this analysis. Create a more detailed page or PowerPoint slide for each based on your worksheet to discuss at interviews. Quantify your results. You will then shine.

Frank Grossman, Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writer at Resumes that Shine

Tailor your resume

Revamp your resume to reflect the job you want to have. It’s easy to list out previous positions like a collection of bullet points. The trick is tailoring it to reflect the sort of job you are looking to pursue versus what you’ve already done.

Write out your resume almost like a story with a clear arc of what you’ve learned already, and how each position has prepared you for the job you want.

This makes it easier for a recruiter to understand your career trajectory and see if you’re in a place that will fit their needs better.

Shaan Patel, Founder and CEO at Prep Expert


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