Atlanta Accountants Embrace Tech Tools In Their Future

21 July 2019

The Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants holds approximately 20 conferences each year, all of which include at least one course relating to technology. This week, however, the nonprofit member association, which advocates and promotes the CPA profession in the state of Georgia, hosted a conference with technology as its primary focus.

Today, accountants must be able to use technology in real-time to make smart decisions in the field, according to Bob Prather, general manager of the accounting and finance division of the Lucas Group.

“There are hundreds of platforms that will allow you to accomplish this,” Prather said. “However, as the keeper of accounting and financial data, [the accountant] being able to evaluate the organization and the platform to make this type of real-time reporting happen is a huge differentiator.”

Being able to access the data with tech tools also is becoming a standard skillset of accountants, Prather said.

“While tools such as SQL queries and PowerBI, that help pull data out of databases and into Excel, are not new technologies, having these abilities on your resume is becoming critical,” he said. “Waiting several days for a business analyst in the IT department to pull some data for you is increasingly becoming a thing of the past.”

Using the tech means being able to offer advice based on its findings, said Prather.

“If you want to make yourself a value-added partner and not obsolete as these systems become more streamlined, you have to be able to make recommendations from what you are seeing in the data and reports,” Prather said. He suggested accountants ask themselves: What is the data telling you? Is there a pattern? Is something missing? What can be done to address the issue you are seeing?

“These observations, recommendations and plans to help others improve are the real value-add of a good accountant and/or finance employee,” he added.

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