How to Quit a Job You Just Started, According to 16 Experts

1 August 2019

Sometimes, a new job isn’t what you had anticipated it would be. You may be feeling like you want to leave already, even though you have just begun.

But the question is, how do you quit a job you’ve just started?

Steven Lynch, General Manager of Legal Division, Lucas Group

Steven Lynch


Be gracious and apologetic but most importantly, be honest


While it’s hard to have the courage to admit you’ve made a mistake and feel it isn’t a fit, life is too short to be in a career or position that is making you unhappy.

By being honest and upfront as soon as you feel confident in your decision, you will save the company the additional money, time and energy it takes to continue the onboarding process, which will ultimately frame you in a more positive light once the dust settles.


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