Job Seeking During a Recession

15 April 2020

Job seeking during a recession is almost unimaginable for those who were living the high life prior to Covid-19 spreading globally in the last two months. While we figure out what the New Normal will look like, it is best to be prepared. Companies still need lawyers – and even more dearly now in these turbulent times. Hiring will continue – even for General Counsel jobs – but the process will likely be more competitive as large law firms thin their ranks to maintain partner profits and their displaced lawyers look for in-house jobs. Be prepared but maintain optimism. Those of us who’ve seen prior cycles know that this too shall pass. Don’t forget to integrate a legal recruiter into your group of job seeking advisors as they often know of job openings well before they hit a job board.

“The American economy is entering a recession due to the business impact of COVID 19. I want to take a moment and discuss what I have learned from the previous two recessions. Just like many of Lucas Group’s current candidates, I was changing roles during the recessions of 2001 and 2008. My experience left me with three valuable lessons that all job seekers should understand…What I learned during these times has stayed with me. When my job search in 2003 extended to almost an entire year, I treated job searching as if it was a full-time job until I just needed income and began to work for my brother in law painting houses while still interviewing frequently. I understand how tough a recessionary period can be. The following three things helped me, and are important for all job seekers to remember….”

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