Hire Military and Discover Heroes You Can Bank On

First they dedicate their lives to service, and in doing so, they acquire elite training and education from the most effective learning institution in the world – the U.S. Military. Talented, capable and results-driven servicemen and women quickly scale the ranks of the military. They prove their inborn leadership over and over in new ways, under the most challenging circumstances. These are the military’s best and brightest, and when they transition from service to the civilian workforce, they become fast heroes in the business world, too.

Today’s vets are the transcendent talent needed to help your business stay relevant, keep operations stable, and protect and grow profits in a competitive global economy. In our vets, you’ll find the skills, leadership, ethics and accountability that can be lacking in today’s workforce.

Here’s how to hire veterans of the highest caliber

If you want to explore and hire military veterans, you have come to the top resource in the nation. Lucas Group is the leader among military recruiting firms. In fact we are the only firm in existence that was originally founded for this purpose. Since 1970 we have served small, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies as North America’s premier executive recruiting firm. Our practice areas span every industry, market and sector, and our expert recruiters work at the highest levels of the business world to provide the strongest candidates at the right time.

Many executives and hiring managers attribute their companies’ increased productivity, efficiency and profitability to the military employees they hire through Lucas Group. These exceptionally accomplished vets include non-commissioned officers (NCO), junior military officers (JMO), senior military officers (SMO) and highly skilled technicians. We also assist vets with corporate experience in advancing their careers in business.

It takes one to know one

Most of our military recruiters are veterans themselves. They’re adept at recruiting top talent and possess the business acumen to make solid placements. Our consultative approach to recruiting ensures thorough assessment of your needs prior to making introductions. Whether you need leaders for manufacturing, engineering, IT, finance, operations, sales or business development, we have real heroes for you to meet. They come from all four branches of the U.S. Military, as well as the United States Air Force Academy, West Point, United States Naval Academy, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Contact Lucas Group today for the talent you need to conquer challenges in today’s economy.