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Experienced financial forecasting recruiters connect your business with exceptional FP&A hires

Your next FP&A hire is a pivotal business decision, but identifying qualified candidates in today’s tight talent market can be difficult. Companies face a dilemma: settle for a less-than-perfect candidate or leave mission-critical positions unfilled. With a Lucas Group recruiter, you don’t have to compromise. Our deep, national talent network and expert, localized search connect your business with proven financial forecasting leaders. We deliver a curated candidate list of exceptional hires aligned to your organization’s immediate needs and long-term business objectives.

Lucas Group gives your business a competitive edge

When you work with a Lucas Group financial forecasting recruiter, you gain a long-term partner invested in your business’s success. Our financial forecasting recruiters follow a consultative approach to understand the market opportunities and challenges unique to your business. We also consider your company’s culture, mission and values, carefully selecting candidates who will be an exceptional match. We work behind the scenes to ensure your first-choice candidate is highly motivated to join your organization. After placement, our recruiters continue to serve as a strategic talent ally and valuable business resource.

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Hire with confidence. Our recruiters source game-changing talent—qualified, proven professionals who will propel your business forward. With customized solutions, collaborative services and deep insights, we know your next hire.

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