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Lucas Group is able to find leading compensation and benefits professionals for mid-tier to Fortune 500 corporations throughout the U.S. Contact us to learn how we can help with your hiring needs.

Compensation and Benefits Recruitment – the Key to Your Success

The Human Resources landscape is undergoing dramatic change, prompting companies to redefine roles, strategies, functions and policies. One breeding ground for dynamic change is the area of employee compensation and benefits.

This transformation is in large part driven by the wants and needs of young professionals who are looking for greater work-life integration. They are gravitating and choosing to work for progressive companies that deliver a new employee value proposition. Today that includes a growing array of innovative offerings, including incentivized performance, more opportunities for advancement, flexible working hours, job sharing, a vibrant culture that attains higher productivity by provoking teamwork, and much more.

If you’re rethinking or re-engineering your compensation and benefits structure to attract the Millennial workforce, Lucas Group can help. We can connect you with the best and brightest HR professionals to help you design and implement your programs, and most important, help you engage the generation destined to lead tomorrow’s organizations.

The need for employee benefits recruiters is spiking in every industry

As North America’s premier executive recruiting firm, Lucas Group fulfills benefits, compensation, job analysis and overall HR staffing needs for mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the United States. Our consultative approach to recruiting reflects the fast-changing nature of the HR industry. We quickly analyze needs and goals, and align top candidates with the right companies and jobs. We fill roles from managers to directors, advisors and analysts. HR recruiters are located at our 15 U.S. offices, and we maintain one of the largest talent networks in the country. Our reach allows us to easily meet the geographic and time-sensitive needs of both our clients and candidates.

Lucas Group’s specialization in Human Resources spans more than 50 years. We stay immersed in current needs and trends. Companies everywhere are looking for experienced, certified or degreed professionals with the ambition to navigate change and bring in the new normal. We make lasting placements each day and enjoy watching our Clients engage the workforce in new ways. Our highly accomplished recruiters operate at the highest levels of the business world. They’re in tune, in touch and can help you move in new directions. We’ll start by thoroughly assessing your needs, mission and goals, and then deliver the very best talent for the job.

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