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The healthcare industry was immersed in digital transformation long before it was hit by an event of global proportions. The pandemic forced companies to not only accelerate but also make extraordinary changes in the delivery of healthcare. Many changes will be permanent and driven by technology. As your organization assesses IT staffing needs to fortify your teams going forward, look to Lucas Group.

We are North America’s leader among healthcare IT executive recruiters. Mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the industry call on us daily in search of talent to fill critical jobs, including consulting and contract roles. More than ever before, our nationwide candidate network is in constant demand to help organizations deploy current and emerging technologies in the most time- and cost-efficient ways.

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Lucas Group IT specialists take a consultative approach to recruiting for healthcare networks, hospital systems, research and life sciences institutions, medical offices and insurance companies, as well as providers of products and services to the industry. We source talent for key healthcare IT jobs and offer flexible engagement types, including direct hire, contract-to-hire, and consulting and contract services.

Our highly skilled candidates are the enablers you read about in current healthcare IT news. They are analysts, architects, developers, engineers, health records and data technicians, data and network security professionals, CIOs, CTOs and many other experts. They are also healthcare IT marketing specialists experienced in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain, mobile apps, chatbots and other emerging technologies. Many hold industry-relevant degrees and certifications, which greatly increases their value and contributions in modernizing healthcare IT ecosystems, from integration to quality assurance, training, testing, security and support of applications across the enterprise.

Be agile and ready for every phase of your IT transformation

Lucas Group IT specialists intimately understand the caliber of talent needed to digitize sensitive healthcare processes and workflows, and adopt and expand capabilities in this fast-evolving industry. Our collaborative partnership philosophy has made us a trusted career builder as we stay close to our candidates, and a reliable go-to source for healthcare companies ready to tap experienced job seekers and passive candidates open to exploring opportunities with well suited employers. Contact us today for access to the most sought-after talent in today’s competitive healthcare IT hiring market.

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