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Maintaining a modern state of IT security calls for an experienced team of security specialists–professionals trained to anticipate and protect against cybercrime and digital vulnerabilities. Demand is soaring for talent with hands-on experience in evolving protections for on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid architectures. Lucas Group helps mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies meet critical hiring goals, providing fast access to accomplished security team leaders, developers, engineers, analysts, auditors, technicians, administrators, managers, incident responders and more.

Skilled IT recruiters know what security gurus know, that strategy is king in planning and implementing security initiatives. Working alongside security leaders across industries, our specialists have empirical knowledge of the growing risks and threats inherent to digital operations, as well as the distinct human capital needed to build secure architectures and circumvent or stop incidents in their tracks.

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Lucas Group is the headhunter IT security hiring managers need in today’s competitive talent market. Corporations rely on the expertise of our recruiting specialists and nationwide network of accomplished, fully-vetted candidates. Available for direct-hire, contract and interim roles, our candidates include chief information security officers, DevSecOps specialists, application security administrators, cloud security architects, AI specialists, scrum masters, cyber intelligence and operations specialists, developers and engineers, data and information security analysts, data recovery and disaster specialists, and far beyond.

When we assist in answering your talent needs, you have a collaborative partner who knows security is more than cobbling together software, applications, platforms and managed services. Corporate data is accessed through a growing number of devices as more and more employees working from home and the road. Tight security requires an agile team to create a framework granting internal and remote staff productive digital workspaces–while protecting your much larger architectural perimeter.

Let us help you cover every base in IT security

Lucas Group can connect you with experienced professionals for identity and access management, privileged access management, data encryption, data loss protection, disaster recovery, firewalls, antivirus and antimalware protection, compliance management, cloud security, security information and event management, endpoint security, web security, messaging security, vulnerability assessment, and any other mission-critical solution. Contact us today and ease your hiring challenges.

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