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Lucas Group’s proven, consultative process ensures you hire with confidence. Fill out the form to get started or call 800.466.4489 to talk to a sales recruiter now.

Lucas Group’s food sales recruiters help you hire with confidence

Our proven consultative process identifies and assesses high performing talent to ensure an exceptional fit for your company. Drawing on the latest market knowledge and an expansive talent network, our food sales recruiters identify motivated sales rep with a proven success record. In a tight talent market, we turn our industry expertise into your competitive advantage, connecting you with exceptional candidates a standard search may overlook.

Food and beverage sales recruiters connect your business with leading national talent

Lucas Group’s food and beverage sales recruiters know the industry and what makes for an exceptional sales rep. We understand that past sales performance is no guarantee for future success. That’s why we curate a select list of candidates who fit your company culture, will respond to your performance incentive structure, learn quickly, and can best sell your product lines. In a competitive industry, our food sales recruiters empower your business to hire quickly and with confidence.

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Hire with confidence. Our recruiters source game-changing talent—qualified, proven professionals who will propel your business forward. With customized solutions, collaborative services and deep insights, we know your next hire.

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