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Lucas Group is an engaged business partner for supply chain distribution recruiting. Fill out the form to get started or call 800.466.4489 to talk to a supply chain recruiter now.

Cross-functional talent for a holistic approach to distribution

Supply chains are humming with new technologies and end-to-end solutions aiding visual transparency and real-time decision making across the entire chain. Sound distribution management, the high-profile evidence of your mission, is enabled by the intelligence, performance and capabilities of your digital ecosystem – and chiefly, by the professionals you hire to oversee and manage distribution functions.

Staffing key roles or filling sudden talent gaps can be challenging in a competitive industry where time waits for no one. You need access yesterday to distribution specialists; candidates who hit the ground running as invaluable cross-functional assets in supply chain management (SCM). Look no further than Lucas Group, North America’s preferred source for supply chain distribution recruiting. We help mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies sustain optimal SCM performance with consistent access to top-tier talent.

Choose recruiters and candidates who know the big picture

While distribution is just one part of your SCM universe, it is the testimonial function that carries your products and services to market. Lucas Group experts have deep insights into today’s modern operations, the challenges that exist, the opportunities that must be seized and the talent necessary to compete. Our collaborative approach to recruitment is crucial in accurately assessing your operational needs and fulfilling strategic hiring requirements with permanent, interim or contract talent.

Our nationwide, evergreen talent pool represents thousands of reasons we excel as distribution and supply chain management recruiters. Our candidates are demonstrated in leading and managing a hybrid of SCM and distribution management responsibilities – from forecasting and planning to transportation, warehousing, distribution centers, channel management, networks and on-time delivery. They are executives, general managers, directors, analysts, auditors, administrators, designers, engineers and specialists in safety, compliance, service, quality, training, maintenance, and data and cybersecurity.

Sustain and grow profitability with value-added talent

Lucas Group leads you to elite candidates for every relevant discipline. We are also leaders in sales and marketing recruitment, able to fulfill your distribution channel hiring needs with savvy candidates. Our Military Transition experts place the world’s leading SCM and logistics specialists in top jobs across industries. Our candidates include Six Sigma Black Belts, Green Belts, certified Master Black Belts and certified LEAN Champions. They are degreed in distribution, supply chain management, logistics and other fields pertinent to manufacturing. Contact us today for expert guidance and access to candidates with applied experience in today’s most dynamic supply chains.

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Hire with confidence. Our recruiters source game-changing talent—qualified, proven professionals who will propel your business forward. With customized solutions, collaborative services and deep insights, we know your next hire.

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