Retired Military Officer Jobs

Find the Best Retired Military Officer Job for You

Transition from military service can be a challenge for distinguished officers. You are retiring from one career and pursuing another. While you are no doubt being contacted by headhunters and job agencies, you need more than a list of companies and a form-letter resume. You need a consultative, knowledgeable partner who will effectively assist you in identifying – and landing – the best retired military officer job for you.

Your professional life has been steeped in the traditions, rhythms, and culture of the United States Military, and transferring your skills, experience, and leadership abilities into the civilian business language is not always easy. It requires aligning your military experience with business functions and translating your military career into the requirements of the hiring marketplace.

We know. We’ve been there.

The vast majority of our military recruiters are veterans themselves, and we intimately understand the challenges, needs, and goals in finding veteran jobs that lead to lasting, rewarding careers.

What you brought to a distinguished career in the U.S. Military must now translate into the world of business. That’s where our experience and expertise can make a profound difference.

We help veterans successfully transition from military positions to civilian careers. Our recruiters help you assess your current needs and future aspirations. We guide you in crafting a military resume that translates effectively. We work with you to enhance your interview skills. And we arrange for in-person, one-on-one interviews with companies looking for people like you.

Together, we assist you in identifying outstanding career opportunities for post-military jobs and long-term success. No matter when you decide to leave the military, our number one goal is to help you find a retired military officer job that leads to a lasting, rewarding career.

Lucas Group’s military transition recruiters serve you the way you have served our country – with honor, skill and a commitment to results. Register online today.

Excellence in Military Transition

As the nation’s premier military transition recruiters, Lucas Group places retired military officers in meaningful veteran jobs. Companies of all sizes and across all industries trust our expertise in helping to identify and hire highly-skilled, experienced and capable veterans.

Businesses need talented, experienced professionals who can do more than simply manage. They need demonstrated leaders with a track record of success. They need leaders like you.

Trust the military officer recruiting experts. Call Lucas Group today.