Sara Luther

Executive Senior Partner – Human Resources Search Division

She “hated” her first job, knows a smattering of Arabic, and has a pet cat named “Cat”—perhaps not exactly the profile you might expect of one of the Lucas Group’s most successful recruiters.

But Sara Luther, a member of Lucas Group’s Human Resources Team, is indeed one of the firm’s leading recruiters and has shown particular aptitude at cross-selling (enlisting her colleagues to place talented candidates with skills outside of HR with other segments of client firms).

Such an approach eventually worked for one of the leading consumer products companies in the world. The company is extremely selective in its recruiting and Sara spent two years trying to obtain recruiting business from them before they finally offered her the opportunity. When they finally did give her a shot, she had to advise them to go with a competitor because she was too busy to devote sufficient time to the task.

“We’re a one-stop shop for companies. I can put you in touch with the best in IT, Legal, and any other areas you may be considering.”

But they evidently admired her candor and came back to her for assistance. And now, “They only come to me for their HR needs. They come to me because I’m honest and I produce.” She recently worked with a colleague on another Lucas team to place four people at the company, only two of whom were in HR. In addition to her time spent researching and coordinating the interviews, “I stayed on the phone for an entire week through the actual offer process, well into the evening many nights, in order to finalize the hiring process.” While all of the hires were not in her area, Sara was thrilled to share the limelight with a colleague.

She cites that esprit-de-corps as one of the cornerstones of the Lucas culture. While she has helped many of her colleagues place their people at client firms, Sara points to the training and experiential leaderships she’s enjoyed at Lucas Group. It started at the outset. She left an advertising job she hated and moved into recruiting. Becoming a headhunter was the easy part. Finding a supportive and collegial culture proved more difficult. At her first firm, she enjoyed the work, but rued the turnover and the dog-eat-dog mentality. Lucas Group saw her potential and reached out to her; although Sara’s not sure she would have done so. “I wouldn’t have hired me if I were him (her boss, Charlie Wilgus). But he saw something in me that I never saw in myself. He’s always had faith in me.” While he pushes her hard to succeed, “Charlie’s always available. More importantly, he doesn’t mandate, he coaches.”

She joined Lucas Group and has built a rewarding career in sales, including an impressive career trajectory. She works with mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, supported by a highly collaborative work culture, has lots of clients and really enjoys the diversity of her office environment. She also enjoys the competition. A participant in Atlanta’s huge tennis scene, the woman with a tough serve and fierce net game, today says that she “always wants to beat the top-biller. But I love seeing my colleagues do well.”

“They come to me because I’m honest and I produce.”

She also appreciates the impact of having a female CEO as a role model at Lucas. “I totally agree with the direction she’s taking this company and I admire her approach to the profession. She has fun, but she’s all business in the office. She’s the type of person who commands attention when she comes into a room.”

Increasingly, so does Sara.

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