Jen Soerensen

Senior Partner

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Human Resources


B.A., Anthropology - Miami University



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Top recruiters are able to connect with others, understand their needs and deliver on expectations. A seasoned HR professional, Jen Soerensen is passionate about placing talent in the right position where they can thrive, succeed and assist organizations in achieving their goals and objectives.

Jen came to Lucas Group in 2017 with nearly a decade of experience in corporate Human Resources. As an Executive Search Consultant, she works with leading employers and top-level HR talent throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia to create staffing solutions that benefit both parties. Jen enjoys making great matches and having a positive effect on someone’s life or business. By being a strategic game-changer, she helps to elevate careers and organizations to new levels of success. With a “never say no” mentality, Jen realizes that each interaction or connection may serve an individual or may be able to help you one way or another in the future.

Jen began her corporate HR career with a global marketing and advertising firm in Chicago. While there, she focused on all things HR and concentrated within the realms of organizational development. Throughout her career, Jen has staffed and trained more than 150 individuals in a partnership with a Fortune 100 corporation, managed the first and subsequent internship programs for a global media marketing organization as well as developed standardized interview processes for multiple companies. Jen’s career accomplishments and love for human capital sourcing laid the solid groundwork for her career at Lucas Group.

Jen was selected as one of 55 emerging leaders in the Cincinnati area as a Regional Chamber C-Change class 11. An avid animal lover, she spends her free time with her dogs as well as volunteering with local shelters and participating in friends’ rescue organizations. Jen holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Miami of Ohio where she graduated in three years.

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