Tony Tommarello

Managing Partner

Practice Area:

Sales, Marketing


B.S., Accounting; minor in Financial Management - The City University of New York



For Tony Tommarello, "close" doesn't count. One conversation with him leaves no doubt to either his genuine enthusiasm or his trusted results. He both strives for and reliably delivers unambiguous excellence identifying ideal executive talent for highly selective corporate clients and exceeding expectations with unmatched precision.

Senior Managing Partner for Lucas Group's Sales and Marketing team in Irvine, CA, Mr. Tommarello commands and engages a rich foundation of notable corporate experience, market insight, and in-depth industry knowledge. Having built a distinguished management career with a Fortune 100 company in New York, he later leveraged his business knowledge and leadership capabilities to successfully direct two west coast executive search firms. Throughout his accomplished career, he has established and continuously nurtured an unparalleled network of demonstrated professionals, and he knowledgeably drives successful hiring results for clients seeking proven, motivated leaders.

Tony's focused determination enables him to insightfully cut through barriers in the search and hiring process and to drive strategic talent matches that are built on a foundation of long-term partnership and lasting success. A Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC), he believes in leading the process, not reacting to it. From initial identification through negotiation and new beginnings, Tony works tirelessly to ensure that the unique business and talent needs of his clients are met with meticulous accuracy and superior results.

A seasoned executive recruiting expert, Tony understands that companies seek exactitude in today's dynamic market. He provides clients with a proven ability to anticipate both issues and opportunities, as well as the market instincts to develop and guide solutions that solve real business challenges and drive verified financial results. His continued success in executive search encompasses a variety of competitive industries, including consumer products, food and beverage, hospitality, restaurant, distribution and logistics, and supply chain management.

Exemplary of his New York City roots, Tony sets and keep a positive, results-driven pace. Leveraging his expansive career in business management, Tony leads a team of accomplished sales and marketing recruiters in the firm's Irvine office. As both an encouraging coach and thoughtful mentor, he provides constructive guidance and remains conversant on his team's searches during the process and through to their successful completion.

Tony consistently delivers a trusted and targeted boutique approach, interwoven with the depth and reach of a leading national firm. A highly respected recruitment associate at Lucas Group since 1993, Tony brings a personal touch to each client with whom he engages and each professional with whom he speaks. Not to mention, he enjoys what he does. From family time to the cross-fit gym to the golf course, Tony's engagement and satisfaction is authentic; his commitment unswerving.

"Close" doesn't count in executive recruitment. Results do, and Tony Tommarello delivers.

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