Our Values

At Lucas Group, our culture drives our success. We are a family that believes our clients, candidates and associates drive our future.

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At Lucas Group, our company culture is directly responsible for our successful performance. At the foundation of the Lucas Group culture are five principles that serve as our core values. These core values transcend all else and reflect the ethos of our company. That ethos was forged from the principals of honorable military service, but it remains a constant as we have expanded far beyond military transition. As with any virtues, they are simple in concept but demand daily diligence in their adherence.

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Our Values

At Lucas Group, we are a close-knit community of premier executive recruiters who strongly believe:


Building meaningful connections requires trust, and trust is impossible without integrity and respect. At Lucas Group, we do the right thing–even when it’s not easy or popular. Always professional, we are honest and transparent with our communication and actions while holding ourselves accountable to our teammates.


We don’t just embrace diversity; we advocate for it in places where there can be more. Even when we don’t agree, we are open to others’ thoughts, respecting their beliefs and perspectives. We treat everyone equitably, providing equal opportunities for development and advancement. This quality extends beyond our workplace into the surrounding communities we serve and strive to strengthen.


At Lucas Group, seeing a teammate succeed makes us feel just as good as if we had done it ourselves. We help others with their endeavors, applaud their efforts, and win together as a team. We humbly ask our teammates for feedback and are open to them approaching us with ideas or concerns. We share what we’ve learned and provide mentorship to those who want to grow.


Whether it’s an internal task or a special placement for a client, if plans fall through, we keep working toward a solution. We will find a way–together. When a need arises, we respond and act quickly. When we achieve success, we make time to celebrate it and have fun.


It’s not enough to know how something works, we must also ask “why.” We are curious, always imagining the possibilities and wondering what we can do to improve our work and how we work. When faced with challenges, we collaborate to provide creative and efficient solutions. We also embrace purposeful change benefitting our team.

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Proud to Hire Heroes

Military backgrounds develop teamwork, encourage conscientiousness and build leadership skills. We highly value those capabilities at Lucas. We hire vets to specialize in this consultative profession because our goal is to make a difference in the lives of job candidates – military and non-military – nationwide.

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Our Approach

Lucas Group recruiters serve their clients and candidates with an unrelenting commitment. We are a team culture. We believe that individual accomplishment leads to corporate success, and our company structure and business practices promote achievement from within. Ethics, honesty, and discretion are a given at Lucas Group.

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