Work at Lucas Group

Around here we say that we do more than find people jobs, we help build careers. That statement rings true not just for the candidates we help, but for ourselves as well. Yes, recruiting is a job. But it is also so much more.

A Day in the Life of a Recruiter

You may wonder what a recruiter does all day. Here is a behind the scenes look at what a day in the life of an executive recruiter from Lucas Group is like. Let Nicole walk you through her day at Lucas Group from the moment she arrives at the office through everyday activities such as making calls, connecting with candidates, and making placements.

Grow With Us

We are a culture of success, where you “do good” and earn well. We want professionals who are collegial, collaborative and committed to doing the right thing. We hire and mold the very best in the industry by providing sophisticated analytics, superior operational support, and highly competitive compensation. From the industry’s most comprehensive formal on-boarding and training program to insightful elbow coaching and effective role-playing, you will have the opportunity to learn, to grow and to achieve.

How You’ll Succeed at Lucas Group
Your Career

At Lucas Group, your career path is paved with clearly defined markers and progression points, as well as the coaching and the tools you need to follow it successfully. Whether your career goals are aimed at recruiting success or management, we have an opportunity for you.

Lucas Group recruiters are afforded the opportunity for unlimited profit potential. Your work ethic, drive and tenacity will determine your individual success. We are a team of highly motivated and entrepreneurial sales professionals who believe that our sum is greater than our individual parts, and we expect and encourage teamwork and collaboration across disciplines.

With measurable, actionable and structured growth opportunities for our associates, Lucas Group could be the place for you.

Tools and Training

Lucas Group recruiters receive the finest, most systematic training in the industry and have access to leading research and networking tools. Founded in sales fundamentals, our training process begins with a highly regimented 30-day, 28-point on-boarding process. We utilize 12 training modules that teach best practices in everything from psychology of the recruitment process to integrating technology, and we match you with an experienced recruiter who mentors you in the nuances of success.

We continue training through in-house and online programs, welcoming and encouraging our associates to participate in refresher classes or to revisit any section of training where they are interested in learning more. Opportunities for ongoing training also include leadership training, outside sales training and effective cross-selling strategies.

In addition to outstanding training programs, Lucas Group excels in providing tools and resources that help our associates achieve success. Our exceptional CRM program enables you to track leads, review relationship details and create ongoing and effective sales and communication. We also invest in other vital research tools and resources for our associates, helping set the stage for your continued career growth.

Coaching and Mentorship

We want you to succeed, and we expect you to succeed – but we don’t expect you to do it alone.

Lucas Group is structured with your success in mind. Each team of recruiters is led by a managing partner (MP) focused on helping you build your desk, achieve your goals and grow your career. Our managing partners are both recruitment experts and committed leaders. Lucas Group MPs walk the floor, provide invaluable elbow coaching and vital feedback, help set plans and priorities in motion and have your back during sales presentations or in tough negotiations.

In addition to our consultative and encouraging MPs, Lucas Group is directed by a team of general managers (GM) who oversee each practice group. With a national perspective and profound professional experience, every one of our GMs is a demonstrated expert in his or her field. Their impressive history, expansive knowledge and deep industry networks all work together to provide you the guidance and the insight you need to build and advance your career.

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