Brian Watson Lucas Group Recruiter

Brian Watson

Managing Partner

Practice: Human Resources
Location: Dallas, TX

In the world of executive recruitment, Brian Watson is an impact player. Whether focused on a client need or vetting a potential candidate, Brian strives to make every interaction a positive one. As a Managing Partner in Dallas Human Resources Division, he focuses on delivering quality results to clients as they build their businesses and navigate the ever-changing world of HR placement.

High among Brian’s priorities is establishing an atmosphere of transparency with his clients and candidates. I am always aware that I’m dealing with peoples’ businesses and lives. There has to be complete honesty in all directions to have a winning outcome for everyone, he says. That open communication has served Brian well in his fifteen years in the staffing and recruiting field. His list of contacts runs wide and deep, and he is proud that his industry relationships have stood the test of time.

While Brian enjoys the fast pace often necessitated by client needs, the foundation of his success lies in his ability to communicate with and understand the needs of all parties. It’s very important to me to get to know the people I’m working with, he says of his clients and candidates. It’s through talking to people and getting to know them that I learn what matters to them. Brian acknowledges that there is also an element of instinct at play in the most meaningful placements — an instinct that he has developed very mindfully throughout his career. Despite being one of the best in the business, Brian continually looks for ways to grow and become better both in his business and in his role as a husband and father of four boys. If someone is better than I am, I do everything I can to learn why and figure out how I can grow and change. It’s that laser focus on the human side of the industry that makes Brian not only successful, but impactful.