Locating Ideal Employment Law Jobs for Today’s Attorneys

Employment law is an expansive and growing field for attorneys choosing this path. Those who work with corporate clients provide counsel on workplace harassment, family and medical leave compliance, drug and alcohol testing, human resources policies, affirmative action, severance agreements, unemployment compensation and much more. And attorneys who represent workers are immersed in the same breadth of issues, providing legal counsel and services in claims or suits relating to these and other areas.

No matter which side of the equation you choose, great attorneys are in demand and Lucas Group can find opportunities that match your personal and professional goals. For more than 40 years we have served as a leading recruiter for the North American legal industry. Our reach is wide and our connections are deep. Many private law firms, especially those that practice litigation, have employment law practices, and most sizeable corporations have in-house legal counsel dedicated to this specialized field. Government agencies at the local, state and federal levels also hire employment attorneys, as do unions and advocacy groups.

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What skills are needed for top labor and employment attorney jobs?

Excellent communications skills are key in employment law since attorneys must provide specialized advice on complex subjects, and engage in litigation before judges and juries. Legal briefs must also be effective. It’s important to stay current on employment laws and regulations, which constantly evolve. Perhaps most important is the ability to create a high level of trust and exercise decisiveness when advising clients on whether to pursue an employment law issue.

Lucas Group’s expert legal recruiters work with our candidates through a consultative and collaborative approach. This allows us to identify your strengths and leadership qualities, assess your unique skills and experience, and align you with the most fitting opportunities in which you can have the greatest impact. Your career goals and long-term success are our priority.

Let us connect you with the best employment counsel jobs  

The majority of Lucas Group’s legal recruiters bring relevant experience as former practicing attorneys to your search process. Their knowledge of the legal industry and employment law in particular makes them uniquely qualified to help you take the next step in your career.

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