Connecting Legal Professionals with Choice Securities Attorney Jobs

Lawyers who know stocks, bonds and other investments are in demand across this complex subset of business law. If you possess expertise within the regulatory, transactional or litigation realms of the securities branch of the law, or all three, Lucas Group can connect you with jobs and guidance you won’t find anywhere else. We’d like to carefully consider your next move, and present you with options tailored to your skills and goals.


For more than 40 years, Lucas Group has served as North America’s premier executive recruiting firm. We specialize in helping the U.S. legal and financial communities find the legal talent they need. Our service on behalf of leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies includes strategic recruiting for law firms, investment firms and financial institutions. We work vigorously to enhance the careers of exceptional attorneys. Since clients rely on us throughout the year to find ideal candidates for their securities law jobs, we’re a great resource for you.

How does Lucas Group make a difference in your career growth?

Simply said, we want to help you find more than a job. Lucas Group is all about long-term relationships. After we place you in your ideal job, we want to remain your trusted advisor for the life of your career. Now that you know our commitment, we’d like to explain how we work.

We employ expert legal recruiters, most of whom are former practicing attorneys. They will leverage their knowledge and our client network to find the securities attorney jobs that make the most sense for your career. Our approach is collaborative, meaning we will work with you to identify your strengths and interests, and choose opportunities where you can have the greatest impact and find optimal success.

Your chosen field offers a world of opportunity, and we’re here to help

Lucas Group knows the intricacies of securities law and the many directions you could choose. Let us help you gauge the merits of regulatory vs. transactional work, and how we might proceed in your job search. Many candidates from our network are thriving in regulatory roles, interfacing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the stock exchange and other regulatory bodies. Other professionals are making history for clients, counseling them through IPOs and mergers and acquisitions. The sky’s the limit for you at Lucas Group.

Contact us today and let’s begin exploring your excellent choices in securities law.