Guiding Today’s Professionals to the Leading Business Intelligence Jobs

Professionals from all corridors of the IT services industry are choosing and excelling in business intelligence (BI) careers, from database experts to programmers, engineers, developers, data analysts and consultants. If you have an interest and qualifications in this field, Lucas Group wants to help you explore and expand your career options. The BI subset of the information technology industry is booming and we’re in touch with exceptional job opportunities in every industry and market sector.

Helping professionals build a solid business intelligence career is one of the things we do best at Lucas Group. We have served as the premier executive recruiting firm for the North American IT industry for more than 40 years. This means we’re in the strongest position to guide you to leading companies and jobs best suited to your ambitions and skill sets.

Business intelligence careers lead down many exciting paths

Storing, processing, analyzing and transforming raw data into actionable decision support data commands expertise on multiple levels. The BI industry is teeming with behind-the-scenes movers and shakers. Talented and effective communicators occupy the front lines in managing business requirements, and countless other players perform critical roles across the functional and business areas. Lucas Group places candidates in leadership roles in all disciplines through a range of recruiting services, so your opportunities are diverse and abundant.

Which path within the BI industry will you choose? Let us help you decide. Our expert IT recruiters will assess your experience, skills, goals and working style. We’ll align you with the most fitting companies, corporate cultures and job opportunities. We’ll also ensure your résumé is top notch and prepare you for the interview process.

Our clients, methods and reach put great jobs within your grasp

Lucas Group is well equipped to help you identify, pursue and realize your niche, and excel in business intelligence. Our consultative approach to recruiting reflects the fast-changing nature of the industry itself. We quickly analyze needs, issues and opportunities for leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, and strategically match them with ideal job candidates. IT recruiters are in place at all 15 of our U.S. locations to meet time-sensitive recruiting needs in the market. Our highly experienced recruiters and far-reaching presence allow us to provide global IT expertise, national reach, regional understanding and local market expertise to both our clients and job candidates.

Contact Lucas Group today so we can explore your career goals and the jobs that will help you achieve them.