Gain Access to the Nation’s Emerging Electronic Medical Records Jobs

If you’re aiming to leverage your technology and leadership skills within the electronic medical records (ERM) industry, you’re making a wise career choice. Job options are growing fast in both the IT development and health care markets. Opportunities at the industry core include software and services developments that enable data to be digitized and shared. Vertical developments include innovations like revenue cycle management (RCM) that allow clinical and financial data to be merged. And the diverse health care industry itself is demanding talented and experienced IT professionals to direct evolving EMR environments.

As the premier executive recruiting firm for the North American IT industry, Lucas Group is your connection to great jobs as they surface in both the public and private sectors. We’re looking for leaders right now who want a career in one of the most transformative IT trends in the history of the health care industry.

Expect dramatic growth in electronic medical record jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the EMR field to grow by 20% in the next four years. Drivers include continued automation of health and medical records, expanded use of mobile devices by health care providers, and the need for integrated efficiencies among hospitals, health care systems, and physicians’ offices and groups.

Lucas Group fills leadership positions across the IT spectrum, from engineering and development to operations and management. With a horizon so bright, now is the time for someone with your skills and experience to make a move into this flourishing industry.

Let us help you explore the field and land the ideal job

On your own, it’s difficult to know which companies and opportunities offer the most rewarding electronic medical records careers. Lucas Group’s expert recruiters will identify jobs that align with your goals, and with companies that offer a culture that’s a good fit for your personality and style. How do we achieve this? Our proven recruiting methods and processes are consultative and collaborative. This means we thoroughly assess your ambitions, strengths and skills, and align you with opportunities that ensure your personal satisfaction and career growth.

Simply said, Lucas Group wants to help you make the right choices, now and in the future. When we engage with our candidates, we want it to be for the life of your career, not just a job.

Make your connection with Lucas Group today and we’ll guide you to great opportunities with leading companies.