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Lucas Group is your confidential connection to the top Human Resources jobs in and around Houston. As the HR recruitment leader locally and nationwide, we have deep connections in the business and hiring markets. We know about local HR Director job openings across Houston industries, often before they are made public.

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Lucas Group gives you access to rewarding opportunities reflecting how HR has evolved as a profession and specialized business unit that exceeds traditional roles. Scopes of responsibility vary based on the size of a company and its HR organization, and how deeply HR is integrated into overall business planning and strategic goals.

Beyond the administration of salary and benefits, payroll, employee attendance, training and other long-established functions, today’s HR Directors are called on to develop and champion programs and teams to attract and retain exceptional talent. Responsibilities can also include membership on the management team, oversight of HR program development and performance, refinement and enforcement of policies and procedures, comprehensive employee relations, and often, labor relations.

A bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or Organization Development, and at least five years of experience as an HR director or related role are required. Some hiring companies look for candidates with professional HR certifications or a master’s degree. This level of responsibility requires knowledge and experience in employment laws, issues and practices, and employee safety and health.

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