Searching for Key Professionals for Superior San Diego Recruiting Jobs

Lucas Group’s San Diego office is home to the premier recruiting team in California. We hire industry experts to help us transform lives and business through strategic placements, and we are searching for key professionals to join our team in exciting San Diego recruiting careers.

Our San Diego recruiting office serves the entire West Coast—working in conjunction with both the Irvine and LA offices. Settled just north of the city, we have convenient reach throughout the state with a specific focus on the San Diego area.

Are you a good fit for Lucas Group?

It takes a unique individual to succeed in executive recruiting, and an even more distinctive individual to succeed at Lucas Group. We are looking for ambitious, entrepreneurial professionals who are individually motivated, but who also work well in teams. We want people who are results-driven, but who are also passionate about helping others succeed. Above all, we seek professionals who act with honesty, integrity and a commitment to doing the right thing.

Does this sound like you?

If so, then Lucas Group may be the perfect place for you. Our workplace is more like a community of experts who work together to achieve common goals. While we encourage you to achieve your own success individually—personally, professionally and financially—we want you to use your team as a resource to ensure you provide the highest level service possible to your clients and candidates. Our people are what make us competitive in the market, and working across divisions and functionalities will only increase your potential for success.

But you’re not on your own to get there.

From the industry’s most sophisticated onboarding process that includes everything from sales playbooks and mentoring with experienced recruiters to ongoing support and education to keep you on track, we provide all the tools and resources you need to compete and win in executive recruiting.

For more than 40 years, Lucas Group has been the North American leader in executive recruiting. If you’re interested in joining our award-winning team, apply here.


Contact Information

General Contact: 800.466.4489
Hiring Employers: 800.515.0819
Job Seekers: 858.457.2005