Jobs For Military Veterans

Outstanding Jobs for Military Veteran Candidates

Lucas Group military recruiters are ready to serve you and your future. Founded in 1970 by a former Army officer, we have a reputation for thoroughness and excellence that few can match. We are the premier source of talent that businesses engage to recruit military job seekers, and we can help you find your post-military career.

We are the experts in helping talented veterans achieve their civilian career objectives, and we leverage our deep and wide-ranging corporate network in your career search.

Lucas Group’s military recruiters recognize that in today’s business climate you’re competing with talent from around the world. We can help you find opportunities and veteran jobs that no one else knows exist. We can also ensure that you’re expertly prepared to obtain them.

If it’s time to begin working on your rewarding civilian career, it’s time to contact Lucas Group. Let’s get started.

Our Military Transition recruiters drive long-term business success

Lucas Group military transition recruiters begin every relationship by listening…truly listening to your current situation and future aspirations. We get to know you, your family, your areas of expertise, and your geographic preferences. We then match those criteria with the marketplace, providing trusted, consultative service to you at each step in the process. Our goal and our record defines us as a team of recruiting experts who specialize in finding veteran jobs for military leaders that leverage their skills, training, education and professional capabilities.

Our transition experts work military job seekers and hiring companies to find jobs for military veteran candidates that ideally match skill sets with business needs. Our goal is to create lasting success for you and the companies with whom we work. With more than 40 years of experience, no firm matches Lucas Group’s ability to deliver top candidates transitioning from the military.

With veteran recruiters from every brand of the United States Military and offices around the country, Lucas Group military transition recruiters expertly drive results. Call Lucas Group today.