Human Resources Management Jobs & Careers

Are you in search of a rewarding human resources career? Lucas Group is the leading choice for HR professionals to partner with to land exceptional HR careers.

Connecting Professionals with Top Human Resource Management Jobs

HR leaders are at the center of a global shift in business strategy – the evolution of Human Resource Management. Practices and talent management strategies are changing with workforce demographics, where the older generation is retiring and young professionals are becoming the heart and soul of daily operations. As an HR professional in today’s new world, you have an impact on the talent, culture, productivity and efficiency your company needs to win. The question is, which job and company are best for the next step in your career?

Lucas Group is North America’s premier executive recruiting firm with more than 50 years of leadership in your field. Professionals of your caliber are in demand for choice Human Resources Management jobs at companies nationwide. Our priority is to lead you to the right one because we know your future and your company’s success depend on it.

Let our connections advance your career in human resource management

Lucas Group is focused on partnership, relationships and successful recruiting. For these reasons, mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the United States rely on us year-round to fulfill their HR staffing needs. We consistently offer the most sought-after jobs and will connect you with companies that need your qualities and skills. We’re also known for maintaining one of the country’s largest talent networks, and it’s because we don’t just fill jobs. We build careers and our commitment is for the life of your career.

Join a company that will let you thrive

A career in HR today lets you achieve satisfaction by playing a key role in your company’s success. Today that involves more than hiring. HR has become central to corporate planning to help achieve strategic goals. This demands stronger leadership pipelines, advanced recruiting methods and partnering with specialized recruiters to find the right talent at the right time. HR leaders also oversee employee relations, retention, performance, compensation, benefits, satisfaction, health, safety, regulatory compliance and much more.

Let us help you choose a position that fits your experience and working style. This begins with our consultative recruiting methods, which are focused on your unique abilities and goals. Expert HR recruiters at our 15 U.S. locations place professionals at all levels of an HR organization, including managers, directors, executives, generalists, advisors, analysts, compensation and benefits specialists, and many more.

Contact Lucas Group today so we can take solid steps toward your long-term success.

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