Training and Development Jobs & Careers

If you’re adept at leading training and development initiatives for companies, let Lucas Group help you find your next professional home. We are experts in HR job search and work with leading candidates to help catapult careers.

Finding Choice Training and Development Jobs for HR Professionals

In a healthy or slow economy, training and organizational development are steady priorities for high-performing companies. This is how they achieve and maintain their edge in today’s competitive and global business environment. These companies number in the thousands, creating year-round opportunities for talented, career-minded Human Resources professionals like you. If you’re pursuing a career or seeking advancement in this growing area, Lucas Group can lead you to the best mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies and jobs in the United States.

We are North America’s premier executive recruiting firm with more than 50 years of successful service to the HR industry. Through our expertise and partnerships across the public and private sectors, and our nationwide talent pool, we connect organizations with the most capable professionals who can bring positive impact to their workforces and daily operations.

Organizational development careers are on the rise

Since this dynamic practice helps businesses break through to new levels of productivity, efficiency and profitability, companies are investing more in human capital and resources, and creating more jobs in organizational development. Lucas Group plays a pivotal role by fulfilling critical staffing positions. We recruit and place project coordinators, managers, directors, advisors and executives. And since technology is revolutionizing this area of the HR organization, companies are also hiring software consultants, programmers, developers and designers. This allows them to marshal the latest tools for training workforces on-site, through virtual and mobile environments, and via advanced learning management systems (LMS).

As you prepare to make a career move, Lucas Group wants to help you navigate the complex job market so you can make the most informed and rewarding choices.

Look to the industry leader for the best connections

Lucas Group’s expert recruiters operate at the highest levels of the HR industry and are sensitive to your requirements and career goals. We maintain a constant pulse on relevant opportunities, and most important, we’re committed to handling your search with utmost discretion, speed and results. Our consultative recruiting methods ensure your strengths and goals are fully leveraged. We accomplish this by thoroughly evaluating your skills, accomplishments, style, and job requirements, and then identify jobs and companies that most closely align with your unique capabilities, personality and working style.

Contact Lucas Group today and let’s start exploring your goals and opportunities.

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