Junior Military Officers

Our military transition candidates represent the very best that the U.S. Military has to offer the civilian workforce. In order to provide a better understanding of who they are and the skill sets they possess, we provide the following summary of their talents.

Junior Military Officer candidates have been hand-selected from a large pool of JMOs who are about to separate from the military. All JMOs have college degrees (both technical and non-technical) and are seeking career positions. They are mature, energetic young leaders.

With extensive supervisory and leadership training and experience, they have proven to be exceptional employees in a wide variety of fields, including engineering, maintenance, production, distribution, sales, and general management.

Junior Military Officers are often outstanding candidates for many positions, including:

  • Manufacturing / Quality / Process Engineer
  • Project Engineer / Project Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Distribution / Transportation Supervisor
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Operations / Manufacturing Supervisor

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